This year has just flown past and before we knew it, it was time to reflect on the past year through our AGM report. Steve and Andrea took over the running of the Pack last Autumn and it’s certainly been a full year of experiences and a steep learning curve.

Our pack has been hovering around 24 in number throughout the year and we would like to thank the Cubs and parents for their patience and support. We have worked closely with the Donibristle Cub Leaders and the wider Group to ensure that we are able to offer a consistent, adventurous, enjoyable and challenging programme of activities and experiences for all our Cubs. Particular thanks to Keith Wood of Donibristle Cubs as well as to Elaine Pert, Group Scout Leader, and Peter Merckel in providing on-going support.

Our leadership team has extended to Martin Docherty and recently, Sarah Broadbent, as well as our Young Leader, Nathan Jackson.  We enjoy working together as a team, which is great for our pack nights and camps giving the cubs a great experience as we all play to our strengths.

The focus for our programme is for all our Cubs to be given a great opportunity to achieve their Chief Scouts Silver Award in the two years that they are with us as a Cub. This is the highest award that can be achieved in Cubs, an award that they can be really proud of when they succeed. We had 7 cubs achieve their Silver Award in the Spring term and we’re expecting more cubs to complete in this Summer term. The Leaders were definitely as proud of the cubs achievement as the cubs! Especially as this was followed by these cubs moving up to Scouts.

We know that all Cubs love achieving badges and we aim to complete at least two Activity badges each term. Thus, we’ve been busy doing badge work in the Scout Hall and also outside when we can. Our recent weather has certainly helped us provide some fun outside activities this term that we hope the Cubs have enjoyed. An important part of our pack nights is to ensure that our Cubs have a chance to take part in Games that promotes teamwork and most of all, is just for fun! As well as our pack nights, there is a whole range of badges that parents can work with their cubs to complete as “homework” to suit all interests including sports, swimming, martial arts and music. Please do refer to the Scouting website that provides further details and speak to us about this if interested.

A major part for the Cubs is to have the chance to attend camps either over night or for a weekend camp and each camp has a different theme or different focus, e.g. badge work etc. Attending camps is an important part of building self-sufficiency, confidence and developing new skills so attending is a good standing for their ongoing time in Scouting. Camp weather can sometimes curtail activities but the Cubs generally just keep on going and going, which is good to witness.

Thank you for taking the time to read over our first annual report. The Leader team would again like to express our thanks to the Cubs, parents & family for their patience in us getting up to speed and getting to know the Cubs. Running pack nights, outside activities and camps takes time and effort by all parties and we do always appreciate the help and support from parents and families. If anyone has an interesting job, hobby or time to spare to come along to pack nights or camps please speak to a Leader. A good way to contact us is by email,, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback, both good and bad, so that we can continue to improve and provide the best experiences for our Cubs.

Yours in Scouting

Cub Leaders

Donibristle Cub Scouts


Donibristle Cubs Annual Report 2018