Donibristle Cub Pack Annual Report 2019.

It is normal to review things from the previous year, it is probably fair to say that last year has brought a bumper crop of exciting activities for all to participate in. These events have allowed all Cubs whatever their ability to enjoy the programme of activities to the fullest extent. We have undertaken, sailing, climbing and at the other end of the range making doughnuts, when there is something to eat the Cubs enjoy it all the more.
As well as particular events that have been attended, a full programme of Challenge and Activity Badge work has been undertaken to ensure good progress through the Cub Scout programme and preparing the older Cubs for the transition to Scouts. The Cubs have also had some say as a collective group in the decision making process of what we do.

This year see’s the Scout Group’s 50th anniversary, so there will be some special activities. While not wanting to let the “cat out of the bag”, here are a selection of items planned so far, August – Cycle camp, September – Karate taster, Community bulb planting, Mother and Cub Camp, October – Communicator, with potential for a visit to an Amateur radio station, November – Home help badge, Astronomy Camp, Mosque visit, Remembrance December – Laser Tag, Krispy Kreme, Henderson House Visit, Xmas Craft camp.

Donibristle Pack would not be able to function without the dedicated and continuous support from the Adult Leaders and Young Leaders, thanks to those that have given of their time so freely. Thanks also to the parent supporters, who also come along on a regular basis and lend a hand for activities both in the Hall and when out on trips. Finally thanks to all parents that help out and /or participate in the Parent and Child Camps.

Peter Merckel, Assistant Cub Scout Leader, Donibristle Pack.

St Bridgets Cubs Annual Report 2019